Welcome to jellyTeens

Wassup Peeps!

Actually, we teens don’t all talk like that.

It’s so uncool when adults reckon they know what young people are like, right? Well, we think so. And we’re young people. In fact, jellyellie, our founder and “voice of the MSN generation” (The Guardian, 2006) started jellyTeens when she was just 17.

jellyellie, while travelling around the world giving talks to organisations about being a teenager today, found a big demand for hearing young people tell it how it is. Inspired, she gathered us together, a network of young people (we like to call ourselves jellyTeens) from all over the globe. We talk to businesses and organisations looking to gain an insight into young people today. ‘Cos we’re the first generation to grow up with technology and all that shizzle, innit.

Enough of that.

It’s quite simple, really. jellyTeens is a youth insight agency run by the yoof of today. If your project involves teenagers or young people in any way, you'd be mad not to talk to us first, because we are your target audience. We know what's going to make your product, service, idea - whatever - the success you want it to be.

We’re going to take you beyond the stereotypes. We're going to give you an insider's view into the mind of young people today.